Danny Davidson

“The band deserve a real shot, we can’t let anything get in the way.”
The latest in an ongoing series following Winterbird, the tiny Lancastrian record label founded by Jamie Holman
I found a band. A band to fall in love with and believe in. There was a purity about them which touched all who heard them. Their shows grew bigger and more joyous; they were everywhere, and suddenly, overnight, it looked as though all our fortunes would change. We sat up long into the night talking, drinking, dreaming and daring to hope that this time we would win – label and band. We were in it together and the world was about to fall at our feet.
The band got better and better. Together we couldn’t fail.
I decided that I had to make a leap of faith and put everything on the line. Money was found, agents employed, press companies briefed and I re-mortgaged my house to put up a substantial share of the recording costs – a famous producer and a professional studio waiting in the wings. I couldn’t sleep during the recordings. My telephone rang around the clock. Press calls, agents, shows, radio… It was happening. We found the band a manager and I was relieved to hand over some of the responsibility. I couldn’t do everything and wanted to concentrate on getting the record out. The record finally completed, I waited for the world to change. And it did.
The management talked units and strategies, licensing, marketing, publishing and press. They said we needed to step up a level. Thanks to everyone who had sweated blood for them so far – but they had to go. I was uneasy with this part of the plan, but I always knew it could happen. So I picked up the phone and cut ties with the very people I had begged to come on board in the first place: the press pluggers and radio pushers who had worked for nothing, the local agents and promoters who were all promised a slice of something bigger if they helped out in the early days. All went to the sword, and it was I who slashed and cut away.
“The band deserve a real shot, we can’t let anything get in the way.”
Finally the phone rang for me. I was out. I realised that I was never really in. I had rights to nothing, and like many before me I was fucked over by a lawyer. I’ve read all the books, collected the records and didn’t think it would happen to me. I’m still not sure if it did, but somehow, it already had.

Danny Davidson

SIGNING: Danny Davidson’s band Fifth House are the first act on the new label

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