Being sharp of wit and quick with a joke will serve one well in life; humour is a triple-edged sword of sorts that can stopper shut the flapping mouths of foes, win others to your ways of thinking and praise or deride with a slash. A hearty supply of laughter will also keep you well-fortified during life’s battles and quests.
Grant Snider, creator of Incidental Comics, is an illustrator and children’s book author that deftly wields the funny blade with skill, smarts, appreciation and humility.
His comics display a keen hand that’s mastered charmingly stylised lines that morph into endearing figures and just-right perspectives, an eye unafraid to dash greyscale with colours from all around the palette. His heady familiarity with academia and the quirks of living are wrapped up in choice quips. Though sometimes irreverent, it’s clear, through Snider’s infographic-like, coy drawings, that his path to life’s milestones have been enriched by contact with the many facets of culture and higher learning, and that he wishes similar gains for his audience.
Seeing is believing, I know. So enjoy just below a small selection of his visual art-related cartoons, but be sure to visit Snider’s website and follow him on Instagram to view works that brush upon other categories, including poetry, design, education, work, music, literature, parenthood and his forthcoming book The Shape of Ideas.
Grins and nuggets of wisdom guaranteed.
Torrance Whelks

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