BY ANNA RADLBECK / Is it fear?

We gather experiences which let us doubt the rhythm and unnatural order of things. Should we submit or follow our inner rebellion? Do you want to be part of the system?
There are masters and slaves, hunters and hunted, adherents and individualists. It is a cruel world full of conflicts and contradictions.

Night Terror is essentially an analogue music video — it was created with two months’ worth of painting frame by frame in acrylic and the animation software Dragonframe. Composition and minimal digital colour retouching was taken care of in After Effects. It’s an homage to traditional animation techniques. The result is an unique, handmade look.

There are seven chapters.
Deja vu

The video tells the story of a creature, born and raised by odd, human-like beings. Like a newborn, it is not aware of its surroundings. Its creators, however, do everything to keep it that way.
In the second chapter, the character understands what kind of place it had been spending its whole life in. Due to its experiences and growing knowledge about its existence, it concludes that it can no longer be a part of the world it was born into.

The protagonist heroically takes up the fight against the inscrutable system. Knowing that resistance is futile, but following its convictions. – Anna Radlbeck
Remix by: Echoes of Felidae
Original song by: Hildegard von Binge Drinking

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