Artist Ayano Tskukimi returned after 11 years to her hometown of Nagoro – in the valleys of Shikoku, Japan – to find that numerous friends and acquaintances had either moved away or passed on. Paying homage to those that left the now less than booming population 35 town, Tskukimi has constructed life-size dolls to populate the increasingly human-less space.
Getting the idea after building a scarecrow in the image of her father, Tskukimi began her project with a mind to preserve the echoes of departed friends. It can be assumed that each doll is placed in a space that would have been important or natural for the memorialized.
Perhaps the craziest part of the project is that the dolls eerily appear when searching the town on Google Maps (seen here.)
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Filmmaker Fritz Shumann’s documentary on the project:

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