The first publication from Rejected Unknown – the new book company founded by music journalist Everett True – is bold and unafraid. In order to publish 101 Albums You Should Die Before You Hear, True called for anyone and everyone to get involved. The resulting team ranged from writers, artists and musicians, to lawyers and marketing professionals, utilizing the skills of anyone willing to help. True was nothing short of ambitious in his aims, setting a tight, six week, time frame for the book to be published in.lAlbums you’ve loved, hated and some that you’ve possibly never heard of are torn apart in this collection of scathing and comical reviews. The varied combination of writing techniques used by contributors to offer their disdainful remarks ensures that you are constantly entertained, from haikus and poems to enraged four page rants. Almost every genre of music is covered across the 101 albums in the list – dating back to the ‘60s with Bob Dylan and up to 2016 with Beyoncé – there is no room for bias and an equal opportunity to be loathed.


Illustration for the review of ‘Abbey Road’, The Beatles (1969)

Despite their treasured status worldwide, The Beatles have no less than three albums scrutinized by different contributors, proving – surprisingly reassuringly – that no measure of popularity can spare you from these critics.
In an attempt to go against all he sees wrong with the publishing world, True maintains that there are only two rules for his company: “1) All contributors are paid, and, 2) Equal gender representation.” With this mindset Rejected Unknown is destined only for bigger and better, taking with them an unapologetic determination to write what they want, how they want it.101
101 Albums You Should Die Before You Hear will have you questioning your favourite albums and reinforcing your disdain for those you cannot bear, leaving you with a refreshed view of music criticism and an excitement for the future of the Rejected Unknown.

Illustrations courtesy of Vincent Vanoli:
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