Latin America has played a very large role in the development of Miami. While the city did not truly start building up until the 1980s, the cultural significance of immigrants coming in from the Caribbean and the South and Central Americas has been evident for much longer, and this influence continues to grow. This is why there is so much Brazilian art in Miami. From paintings in art museums to full Brazilian art festivals inside of the city, there is so much to see and take in. With such a rich, cultural connection to Brazil, anyone who might prove interested in investing in property inside of the city will find a wealth of options available.
Art Basel Miami Beach Festival
The annual art festival is one of the prime showcases for Brazilian art inside of the city. Brazilian artists who either live in the city or who are from Brazil submit their works of art and have these works presented, either in one of the local art galleries or outdoors on the festival grounds (depending on if the art is able to withstand the weather). This has also become a major selling point for the city to individuals coming up from Brazil and many of the top real estate markets offer special Basel packages during the festival week. In a previous Art Basel festival, there were 26 Latin American galleries with 16 of them originating from Brazil. In fact, 25 percent of the gallery space dedicated to new and emerging talent was taken up by Brazilian artists looking to gain exposure in the United States. Although the Brazilian art is not permanent and is only in town for the festival, it highlights the importance of the Brazilian culture inside of the city and why the desire for this kind of art continues to grow.
Romero Britto
Romero is a leading artist in what is known as the Brazilian neo-pop art phase. He is a painter, sculptor and serigrapher. Within his art, he uses several different styles, including cubism, pop art from the 50s and even graffiti. He lives in Miami since immigrating to the U.S. back in the 1980s. He has presented much of his work in different studios throughout the greater Miami metro area, including his first studio in Coconut Grove. Now, he has several major art galleries in Miami, including one on Lincoln Road, which is the major shopping strip in South Beach. It is possible to stop in, look over his latest work and maybe purchase a painting. He has also worked and produced Brazilian themed art for companies like Absolut Vodka, Disney and Volvo, and while these works are not for sale (the companies own the art), it is possible to view and purchase other works if his that are similar.
Miami Art Week: Brazil ArtFair
This art festival is similar to the Art Basel Miami Beach Festival, only it is much larger all around. It has different sections that group off individual styles of art from different regions, such as an individual section for artists that showcase contemporary Brazilian Art in Miami. Some of the art can be purchased while other forms of the art are simply for display. Regardless, it is another exceptional example of the fine Brazilian Art in Miami and many of the styles that can be seen throughout the rest of this beautiful city.

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