Catherine Jacobi’s Things of This World is a breath of fresh air; a well-received Sunday afternoon reading poetry, an evening at the museum visiting familiar pieces you have had a yearning to see.
Influenced by Richard Wilbur’s following comment about writing poetry, Catherine focuses on everyday objects and making poetry.

‘I do think it’s almost always true that a poem begins when two things, perhaps an inner thing and an outer thing which hadn’t been together before, suddenly converge and feel as if they wanted to make something new.’

The objects that dominate Catherine Jacobi’s work evoke the long-lasting memories that we have embedded in them. They remind us of the constancy of objects as anecdotal registries. The sculptural qualities of the work, much like Rauschenberg’s, confront the audience as objects in the world. Stylistically, the use of everyday objects parallels Duchamp’s ‘readymades’ — prioritising ideas over the visual example and expressing subjects of times past and the passing of time so inherent in our human existence, whether internally or externally with the world around us.

But Catherine is not interested in any nostalgic notions of the past. She is interested in inciting viewers to think about their stories critically moving forward and to allow themselves to contemplate in the present.

Things of This World is Aron Packer Projects’ third exhibition at their permanent POP UP space at Chicago Gallery News, and is part of their planned arc for variation, visually and conceptually, between shows. The show runs until 17 March 2018.

Aron Packer Projects at Chicago Gallery News / 213 W Institute Place, #309
Catherine Jacobi / Things of This World
new altered found object work

February 3 – March 17, 2018

Saturdays, 11am – 4pm

Monday – Friday 1pm – 4 pm and by appointment. & @packergallery

Text by Elliot Leiva

Catherine Jacobi, Walking to Sleep, 2017, Found objects, paint

Walking to Sleep, detail

Walking to Sleep, detail

Walking to Sleep, detail

Catherine Jacobi, Advice to a Prophet, 2017, Tree branch, outboard propeller

Advice to a Prophet, detail

Advice to a Prophet, detail

Catherine Jacobi, Lifeboat, 2017, Found objects, paint

Lifeboat, detail

Lifeboat, detail

Catherine Jacobi, Compass, 2017, Meat hook, baby shoes

Compass, detail

Catherine Jacobi, The Decorated, 2017, WWI panoramic unit photo, millinery plumes, wood, thumb tacks, paint

The Decorated, detail

The Decorated, detail

Catherine Jacobi, Skin and Bones, 2017, Deer ribs, Mauser rifle sling

Skin and Bones, detail

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