Even among the most discreet out there, one of the perks of knowing about art is knowing you know about art. This often involves cluing others into your vast stores of knowledge —  humourously by dropping the casual “if it ain’t baroque, don’t fix it” pun and sending classical art snaps, and like a bludgeon by fully commandeering your companions’ capacity to think inside museums by babbling on about orthogonal lines and foreshortening and hieratic scale and triptychs and the sublime. 
It’s okay, you’re in the right company. The history of art is easy to obsess over and sputter about. Should Titian or tronies or trompe l’oeil actually come up in everyday conversation with an artistic layperson, sputter with everything you’ve got. But before flapping your gums at those you suspect to be naive as Grandma Moses, make sure your eye backs up your brainy facts.
Can you pick out the hand of Giotto from Georgioni’s at first glance? Rembrandt from Rubens? Signac from Seurat? Prove it to yourself by taking on Art Challenge, and perhaps save a few unsuspecting others from getting their faces rubbed in it.

Art Challenge tasks players with correctly matching ten artworks to their rightful creators, get one wrong and start again. It sounds simple enough, and with a good eye for context clues you can breeze through a first round from the Popular Painters segment. A more specialised sense of aesthetics comes in handy for the Renaissance category, which spans the early, middle and high periods of both the Italian and Northern humanist revivals.
Also tricky, thousands of question combinations concerning Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, Realism, Russian art and French painters. Truly smug virtuosos can be quizzed on the 17,695 images that make up the doozy that is the Complete Collection, and good luck to ya.
It’s a far cry from 2017’s glossy, dynamic websites, but Art Challenge makes an excellent resource for the pictorially inclined. Not only is it a more erudite means of passing the time than whatever Candy Cookie Bubble Witch Crush game is currently most popular on the app store, it’ll also hone your appreciation for the finer parts of fine art and maybe even give you that painterly pat on the back you’ve been craving.
Nicole Parks

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