Gino Rubert, a painter born and raised in Mexico, now splits his time between Barcelona and Berlin. His process results in a striking combination between painting and photography.
While painted elements showcase a vast array of vivid colours, photorealistic details in black and white emerge to to create a perfect, hypnotic juxtaposition. Usually focusing the photographic elements on the faces he portrays, he also mixes in additional “paper materials” with his works to create 3D or specifically textured surfaces. All is wonderfully revealed when the viewer steps forward for a closer look.
I met up with Rubert for the quick interview below at his show Lab36 at Galeria Senda in Barcelona, where we discussed major themes found within his body of work, motivations behind his multi-media technique and more.

Enjoy details just below of the artist’s Open House, a site-specific private commission and family portrait. The impressive work measures two metres wide and nearly nine in length. If you’re keen to keep up with Rubert’s activity and creations, be sure to visit his website or follow him on Instagram for frequent updates.
by Diana di Nuzzo & @dianadinuzzo


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