It’s always fun spending a day visiting galleries and hanging out in the East End. But it’s also good to find somewhere slightly off the beaten track’ Spring Studios in Kentish Town have been long established as a photographer’s studio complex, and this February saw the opening of their own commercial gallery space, Spring Projects, with an exhibition of photographs by Solve Sundsbo.

Untitled 3

Mat Collishaw, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 2002, the artist, courtesy Haunch of Venison, London

Unlike many contemporary art galleries, Spring Projects are dedicated to showing work in a diverse range of media, from contemporary art to photography to fashion, film and design. Following on from Solve Sundsbo is a show by British film and installation artist Mat Collishaw. Collishaw’s show takes place as part of the Fashion in Film Festival, whose theme is ‘If Looks Could Kill’. Given Collishaw’s previous heaven/hell interpretations of violence and beauty- homes people living inside snow domes, fairies perched on rubbish tips, and dead naked Nazi officers in elaborate sets- you can expect something special. Don’t miss it.
Matt Collishaw is at Spring Projects from 11 April to 22 may 2008

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