It’s been a long wait since 2008’s ‘The Age Of The Understatement’, but Alex Turner and Miles Kane have returned with the hugely anticipated follow up, ‘Everything You’ve Come To Expect’.
And what a return. Since the first album, neither Turner nor Kane have rested on their laurels, and that confidence finds it’s way on to the album in heaps. The strings are, again, what takes the album to the next level, with Owen Pallett’s arrangements adding lush layers of sound and giving the songs that classic charm, so familiar from ‘The Age Of The Understatement’. But there’s something new, here. The classic sound meets a swaggering, sleazy element – in the best way possible. It’s altogether sexier, yet still combined with scattered touches of tenderness.
Turner and Kane are both now based in California, where the album was recorded, and it’s a clear influence. It has sun bleached their sound. It’s all very much still a cinematic experience, but now one that brings to mind Americana, deserts and palm trees.
Stand out moments on first listen come in the form of the sashaying ‘Miracle Aligner’, the slightly funkier ‘The Element Of Surprise’ and the crooning, swelling ‘Sweet Dreams, TN’ – but it’s certainly an album that improves listen upon listen. Even the slightly out of place ‘Bad Habits’ doesn’t seem to clang as much as it probably should. Finishing with ‘The Dream Synopsis’ – a definite call back to ‘Submarine’ era Turner – it’s an album that is not without flaws, but one that is such a lush, enjoyable and downright fun experience that they don’t seem to matter.
Joe Presley
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