What would you normally associate with the brand Peroni Nastro Azzurro? Beer, Italy, sun, holidaying, relaxing, enjoyment, friends, feeling refreshed? What about ‘Art’? Is this a word that would spring to mind?
It will do if you are savvy enough to visit an exciting new series of The House of Peroni events running throughout March and April. Starting in London, The House of Peroni will host a unique celebration of art at Wardour Street, Soho in March before moving on to both Manchester (for 4 days in early April) and Edinburgh (for 3 days in late March).
Just as Italians have always sought to push the boundaries–from the pioneering Renaissance that placed Italy as the capital of the world’s art scene, through to Carlo Peroni, who in 1963 was inspired to craft the first premium Italian beer–visitors to The House of Peroni will have the chance to immerse themselves in a virtual reality art experience using the ground-breaking Tilt Brush by Google. This innovative piece of technology allows visitors to paint from a completely new perspective and create their own artwork in a 3D space.
As nice as it is to enjoy a Peroni Nastro Azzurro in a conventional bar, The House of Peroni adds an extra dimension to the traditional drinking surroundings, one that is educational and heightens your creativity. The upper gallery floor will play host to a bar and aperitivo area where guests can enjoy an evening with friends over a Peroni Nastro Azzurro and cocktails created by Simone Carporale. There’s also a selection of antipasti, created by chef Francesco Mazzei and inspired by his Southern Italian heritage to bring the rich ingredients of his homeland to life.
What’s more, The House of Peroni has teamed up with three artists to explore the interesting connection that can be found between the premium beer and art. Italian artists Fabio Giampietro – 2016 winner of the prestigious Lumen Prize for digital art – and Peeta, along with British counterpart Carne Griffiths, will take you on a journey of craftsmanship – a quality inherent to Peroni Nastro Azzurro – in their own unique way.
Within each 50 minute virtual reality art experience session, the artists will allow guests to explore their work using the Tilt Brush by Google technology and give a demonstration on how to use it. Guests will then be given the freedom to experiment and explore their own artistic talent, under the guidance of a creative expert. For more information on all events visit www.thehouseofperoni.com
London based artist Carne Griffiths kindly took the time to speak with The Saatchi Magazine about his involvement in The House of Peroni, answering three questions we had on our minds:

  1. What attracted you to take part in The House of Peroni?

The House of Peroni has been an amazing opportunity to further explore my use of VR painting through Tilt Brush by Google in my work, I was fortunate enough to get a preview of the technology using the HTC Vive last year and it is so good to now have the opportunity to share the work created as part of such an event and also to see the initial reaction of people experiencing this VR painting experience for the first time.

  1. Since you work primarily with inks, graphite and liquids, such as vodka, would you ever consider using beer as a material?

I have painted using beer in the past – I am very spontaneous with my choice of materials and quite often whatever is to hand will find it’s way into my work, I enjoy the interplay of unusual materials as they add a mystery to the process which tried and trusted materials don’t provide.

  1. What do you hope viewers will gain from the work you will have on show at The House of Peroni? Do you feel it is important for the spectator to be allowed the opportunity to experiment and participate with the art exhibited?

Virtual Reality painting is all about the experience and the exploration – it is such a fully immersive experience and to share that and be there to see the viewer experience is really important, to then give the viewer the ability to create and interact with the piece is fully exploiting the technology available and creating a new unique experience for the viewer.
Ultimately, this exciting collaboration and fusion of creative minds will educate its viewers on the forever growing relationship between art and technology. It will take you on a journey that will not only educate but will stay with you as each guest will be allowed the chance to experiment with some of today’s most exciting technology. And let’s not forget, ticket holders will have access to a private bar on the lower ground floor anytime during opening hours on the date stated on their ticket, with a complimentary Peroni Nastro Azzurro on the house (5pm – 10.30pm weekdays or 12pm – 10.30pm Saturday).
Find out more about this one of a kind art experience in London’s bustling Soho here, brought to you by Peroni Nastro Azzurro.
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