BY ALICIA COSTAS / Enjoying a banana split so close to the Winter Solstice has never felt so right. That may have something to do with the less-than-frigid temperatures inherent to Museum of Ice Cream‘s newest location in Miami Beach, which officially opened its doors to the public yesterday.

This is the museum’s fourth inauguration in fifteen months, having first settled into its other metropolitan homes of New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, where some 500,000 curious visitors have already catered to their sweet tooth.

Sunny and candy-coloured itself, the city of Miami is a laid back cultural blender fit to house an institution dedicated to brightening up life a bit. In its four-story art deco confection dreamed up by the Dutch architectural firm OMA, Museum of Ice Cream sits prettily near its newly-renovated neighbour, the Bass Museum of Art, in Mid-Beach’s natty Faena District.

Along with made-for-Insta interiors and aquamarine views of the Atlantic Ocean, Museum of Ice Cream also serves up a tranquil yet stimulating place for visitors of all ages to let go of normative pre-conceptions and feed their fantastical sides — traditional wall text and glass vitrines aren’t exactly en vogue here. Instead, series of frolicsome new age displays, along with plenty of experiential opportunities for interaction with others, encourage the use of all five senses and indulge ever-deepening digital predilections.

From sample tasting and having syrupy fortunes read, to maraschino cherry picking and wading into a tiled pool of plastic nonpareil sprinkles, there’s enough going on to offer even the lactose intolerant a double scoop of fun. – Alicia Costas

Images courtesy of Katie Gibbs

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