The success of a self-taught artist can be a particularly beautiful thing, a reminder that talent can find the recognition it deserves even when an ivy league MFA isn’t part of the picture.
That’s why it’s pleasing to briefly bring up Humberto Poidomani, who was born in Argentina in August of 1942. Yes, he’s been totally self-taught, but he’s also been a successful businessman and artisan these past twenty years, now able to split his work and life between Miami, Barcelona and Buenos Aires.

Poidomani has developed a diversified body of work —  rife with sculpture, paintings and three-dimensional assemblages — that seeks solutions for the environment and social justice for the marginalised. Cultural idiosyncrasies and hypocrisies are hauled into the spotlight for viewers to scrutinise.
More recently he’s been in working in the vein of making boxes, little dioramas or stages upon which scenes filled with his darkly humorous sense of irony plays out. He’s remained open to working with an ever-expanding array of media, while maintaining a respect for the traditional techniques and materials of his native province of Lanús.
Poidomani is a provocateur at heart. He works from his gut to coax audiences into using their brains, while teaching them a new visual language of his own, full of expressive gestures, text and readymades. By adding his punched up colour palette and childlike sense of honesty to the mix, he always lands on new ways of making a critical impact.
Ana Rivera

Argentinian Circus, 2008, Mixed media

Argentinian Countryside, 2008, Mixed media

Silver Sea/Everything About My Mother, 2007, Painted ceramic

Fuga de Cerebros, 2007, Clay and ceramic on wooden plinth

The Minotaur, 2000, Bull’s skull and metal

Agua, 2010, Mixed Media

Graciela Borges, 1994, Ceramic

Salta la linda, 2007, Painted ceramic

Man with Baby in a Theatre, 2007, Acrylic on cardboard

Pink House with Penguins, 2008, Mixed media


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