Usually I don’t buy into any kind of spiritual healing stuff. Tarot cards, star signs, gems, and cosmic signs are more of a fun way to look at life, like a quick belief hit in something other than mundane rational reality. Recently, however, I came across something different. Something I instantly doubted with all my ingrained sense of cynicism. It’s called the “Informed Water Bottle”, which is said to have water purifying properties. Although being made out of glass rather than plastic is a clear health benefit, there may be more to this bottle than meets the taste-buds.
The shape and style of it is exciting, you want to touch and hold it and for that initial reason alone I was enticed by it. I heard about “Informed” from a homoeopathic, organic, vegemite type friend of mine called Jennifer. She insisted that this was more than a “cool” bottle, it had a special tag on it which has been coded with information to improve the quality and taste of water. Even though Jen could see I was as sceptical as a goat wearing thick spectacles, she went on to show me the results of her ‘Flower Test.’ She put one flower in a normal glass and the other in the Informed bottle. Within two weeks the one in the glass withered away, whilst the bottle one still looked pretty fresh. I refuted Jen’s evidence, what if one of the flowers was dying to begin with? You would need to do the test at least 10 times to convince me. Jen’s conviction in how great she felt after drinking from her “Informed” bottle was so resolute that she suggested I try it for myself and gave me her spare orange one she uses for the gym.
It’s been 2 months now and I am still pretty much the same person. I tried the flower test and it worked, but I haven’t tried it since. The main reason is because I haven’t gone a day without using the bottle. I use at the gym and feel more replenished. I’m more focused at work and I sleep better when I drink from it before bed. I hadn’t even noticed I was so attached until a trainer I know from my gym asked why I always carry the same bottle. Whether it’s a placebo effect or there really is something in the water that the Informed tag enhances, I can’t be certain. What I do know for certain is that the water seems to taste better and I feel good inside when I drink from the bottle. This time round karma got me, and I treat my Informed bottle like a superhero with a secret power, not only because it looks awesome.
Alexis Jourrou
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