I found this beautiful orange bottle in the trashcan at work.  It was once filled with a beautiful jasmine perfume but the sprayer was ripped off and the contents distributed into many little sample vials which people interested in beautiful jasmine fragrances will be able to buy through a perfume website.
I stopped into Clementine flower shop in Silverlake on my way home after filling a bag of groceries at Trader Joe’s.  I chose these orange flowers because they look like little bonnets or lanterns and when would anyone need flowers like this unless one had an orange bottle that was once filled with beautiful jasmine perfume?
I saw these simple green scentless flowers and decided to put them in an old amber jar from Carcassonne.  I don’t know what they are.  Neither did the woman with pink hair who sold them to me.
I like buying flowers like this.  When you have random vessels to put them in and access to a shop like Clementine that sells interesting flowers individually, then you can have floral situations at your home without spending much money.  A friend of mine works for a very fancy Hollywood florist and she told me about several clients who spend tens of thousands of dollars every week on flowers to fill their homes. This is sad.  What’s the point of having a flower in your house unless you can observe it, enjoy it, watch it live and eventually watch it die?  If I had to do this several thousand times over in a week I’d lose interest very quickly.
I feel sanctimonious thinking that – as though I’m better than a person who would spend tens of thousands of dollars on flowers every week.  I suppose they have a lot more than I’ll ever have so I’ll at least savour every drop of my self righteousness.  I’m sure they’re self-righteous too which means, again, that they have at least what I have plus more.
But do the people who spend tens of thousands of dollars every week on flowers have a lambs ear like this?  I don’t think so.  It feels velvety and looks like a beautiful sculpture standing upright in a vase I made a few years ago.
Steven Gontarski
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