A rainy Saturday night in Margate saw Foals tear the roof off Dreamland, as part of the town’s mini festival ‘By The Sea’.
“It’s been a while since we played a roller disco… We’re going to have a good night.” assures frontman Yannis Philippakis, before tearing through a raucous set to a relatively small but packed space. The rejuvenation of this seaside town has, it seems, brought with it one hell of a venue.
Opener ‘Snake Oil’ provides a clear message of intent. This is the new Foals – a swaggering, self assured, formidable live presence. Philippakis oozes confidence, throwing himself into the crowd at three points throughout the night, expertly whipping them into a frenzy. Older tracks such as ‘Olympic Airways’ and ‘Red Socks Pugie’ have a slick air to them, with the excitable crowd welcoming the old favourites. But in a set that draws from all four albums, it’s the new material that gets the biggest reaction. ‘Mountain At My Gates’ prompts a joyous singalong, with the biggest pit of the night reserved for encore ‘What Went Down’. “You don’t sound ready… Let’s make this place sink.” snarls Yannis to a crowd that needs no more incentive.
Cementing themselves as one of the finest live acts around with one of the best gigs of the year, there was a general feeling that this may have been one of the last chances to see Foals play a venue this small and intimate. There’s only so much longer they can be held in.
Foals played:

  1. Snake Oil
  2. Mountain At My Gates
  3. Olympic Airways
  4. My Number
  5. Blue Blood
  6. Give It All
  7. Providence
  8. Spanish Sahara
  9. Red Socks Pugie
  10. Late Night
  11. Inhaler Encore
  12. London Thunder
  13. What Went Down
  14. Two Steps, Twice

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