BY MITCHELL COOPER / Just in time for the Epiphany and the wandering in of those three wise guys, comes the holiday documentary few were expecting, and which the humane side of humanity just might need.

The Altnernativity, available in full just below, is the byproduct of the union of black humoured old Banksy and Danny Boyle-ish old Danny Boyle — a hard-nosed British dream team capable of mounting a theatrical perhaps only rivaled in its theatricality by the pure magic of the Harlem Globetrotters.

Part abundant pageantry, part scalding dissent, and carried out with loads of local help, it is the warped but wickedly on point staging of the Christmas Story two millennia later in the Little Town of Bethlehem. At The Walled Off Hotel, to be precise, a guesthouse with a terrible view owned by Banksy himself.

Who there seems to be room for at the inn is far from a settled matter in a place where division, rather than divine love, is the order of the day. Though leave it to the custodian of Dismaland and the director of Trainspotting to pull, through the cynicism, the hardening realities and the metal detectors, a glimmering dash of hope for us all. – Mitchell Cooper

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