From today until 22nd March 2017, the Saatchi Gallery is proud to display Embrace, a new series of work by British artist Aisha Cahn inspired by the science of cells and the artist’s mother’s terminal battle with cancer.
After her mother’s passing Cahn began researching cancer cells for her artwork, spending time at laboratories at Imperial College, Cancer Research UK and the Royal Free Hospital where incredible progress is being made in finding cures through drug development and immunotherapy.
The breakthrough discovery that T cells and NK cells can kill cancerous cells was Cahn’s inspiration for Embrace,  a true culmination of art, faith and science.

Through contemporary conceptual art laced with an inquisitive spirituality, Cahn is looking to breakdown barriers between mindsets and peoples. Her Indian origins, Islamic beliefs and British nationality connect East to West, and her work in Embrace looks to match hard research with soulful aesthetic investigations, the confused suffering of many with the hope of healing.
Cahn, who graduated with an MFA from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in 2008, primarily works as a painter, producing pensive planes of muti-tonal hues that proffer grateful admiration to the Universe and its Creator. Hours of research, academic and metaphysical, are logged as preparatory drawings for her canvases and her philosophical nature is worked into every layer of paint she applies, resulting in calm and harmonious compositions.

For Embrace, which also includes two installations, silk screen prints and several drawings, Cahn partnered with The Royal Free Charity, which aims to make life easier however possible for those undergoing prolonged medical treatment and generously supports many avenues of curative research. A portion of any profits raised by Embrace will go directly to finding better treatments for afflictions and diseases studied most intensely at the new Institute of Immunity and Transplantation Research Centre in Hampstead.
Emily Catrice


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