On Carrer Enric Granados, a stunning street in Barcelona’s Eixample neighbourhood, an excellent show titled Fetén is currently hanging by Catalan figurative painter Jafet Blanch. The scenes presented inside N2 Gallery delight the eyes with images inspired by childhood, pulled from dreamlike atmospheres and echoing of brighter spaces and times that hook viewers at first glance. 

Blanch blossomed in the world of street art and now regularly exposes his mature compositions. Nature in all her archetypal beauty peeks into his framing with juxtapositions of flowers, leaves and delicious fruits, lending the scent of exotic springtime to his works.

Nearby the paintings are curated a few sculptures (this is the very first time Blanch has turned his talents to three-dimensional representations) that flood the senses with fun, unpredictable charm.  For instance, a unicorn with a melty ice cream cone for a horn appeals to grown up and fledgling spirits alike, while a looping video shares glimpses into Blanch’s process and hectic studio space leading up to the show.

During our video interview, the artist speaks about the exhibition and his reasons for approaching the Fetén theme, discusses his working methods and, finally, responds to a question concerning how the internet and the buzzing world of social media has affected his role as an artist.

Please meet him inside N2 Gallery and peruse the pieces he’s created and gathered together for this occasion. He’ll soon be showing in Taiwan and is planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign in the immediate future for a painting tool of his own invention, too.
Go ahead and follow him on Instagram (@jafetblanch) to keep track of his dynamic career and await further artistic developments formed by his hands and his heart.
Diana di Nuzzo
dianadinuzzo.com & @dianadinuzzo

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