Nowadays, Barcelona is teeming with young creative talents. Probably one of the most original among the many is artist and illustrator Sergio Mora ( Novel, bright, playful and a little cryptic, his work will no doubt stick firmly in the back of your mind from first glance.
In addition to completing wonderfully illustrated children’s books and collaborating with names such as Philippe Stark in Miami and the Italian fashion house Gucci, he has more recently finished working on whimsical new imagery for the indie pop musical group Love of Lesbian.
The pieces frothing forth from this latest collaboration enjoyed a viewing at Galeria Senda’s Lab 36. I met up with Sergio before the opening, and posed some questions to him concerning his practice and preferences, along with his major muses and influences (including those in the music industry). Lastly, I pry into what he thinks about the two sometimes disparate fields he’s been working in, fine art and illustration. Turns out, it’s sometimes just a matter of labels…
Diana Di Nuzzo & @dianadinuzzo


Bajo el volcán

Canción de Bruma


Cuando no me ves

El ciclo lunar de Halley Star

El poeta Halley

El Yin y el Yen

Incapacidad moral transitoria

En busca del mago

Los males pasajeros

Oceanos de sed


Psiconautas 2


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