Art Music

Broken Sound Barriers

BY CARA VAN RHYN / “My art as my voice” Born deaf, Christine Sun Kim grew up in California with hearing parents and a deaf sister. Pursuing her love of art she moved to New York, but on arrival in the loud and boisterous city, Kim began to take interest in the medium of sound. …


Behind the Music

BY MITCHELL COOPER / He’s been doing the Crocodile Rock for a fair spell now, and one thing we know for sure about Britain’s favourite beknighted Rocket Man is that he’s pretty much over life on the road. In his retirement, Sir Elton John will be missed on arena stages across the globe, but two …


Up Early

KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa… And just sometimes, my reality has mornings and daylight. It’s filled with fallen leaves, purple mist, endless pink grass, tea, long walks, books, imaginary worlds and gentle love. The world is what you   make of it. Text and photography by Elsa Bleda @elsableda


Truly, Madly, Deeply

Amedeo Modigliani expired at the rather young indeed age of thirty-five on 24 January 1920. The strong-willed Italian portraitist’s early demise was much more the natural byproduct his personal cosmology than a freakish accident. Revolted by his comfortably stagnant bourgeois upbringing, he convinced himself that only struggling for crusts in nonconformist squalor could produce true art. Toss in …


Reading in Reading

Reading International is pleased to present ‘reading in Reading’, a series of events and exhibitions by David Raymond Conroy, Ghislaine Leung, Cally Spooner and Jesper List Thomsen, who have been invited to respond to Reading through the use of various narrative structures, closely related to aspects of the town’s contemporary culture. Collectively, the artists have …


Fragile Melodies

Chris Funk of The Decemberists is no stranger to snooping around for unusual, rarely heard sounds. When his trail led him to Williamsburg, Virgina in the USA he sought out Dean Shostak straighaway, one of the last true masters capable of playing the glass armonica – an enchanting instrument lost to time. First devised in …


LOVE ART Competition

In celebration of its imminent ten-year anniversary, The Saatchi Gallery Magazine: Art & Music announces LOVE ART, a competition open to any artist with a genuine creative passion aged 11-29. With six thousand pounds-worth of art-related prizes provided by competition partners Cass Art and Christie’s Education, LOVE ART welcomes entries in any visual medium, with …


Dancing Queen

Fancy footwork and fine couture set in a mid-century goes modern editorial fantasy. Step across the pages of a recent fashion spread with prima ballerina Maria Kochetkova, commissioned by Melina Chen for Vogue Taiwan. Frozen poses pop against decadently patterned, almost animated, backdrops, arresting the eye with stop-and-go movement and swaths of pleasingly contrasted peculiar colours. Photographed by JUCO, …


Maria, Maria

Maria Primachenko was born on 12 January 1908, in a small village known today as Bolotnya, Ukraine. She began creating pictures as a young girl, soaking up the customs, dress and legends intrinsic to her rural world, injecting them with imagination and spilling them out in giddy gouache colours onto paper and canvas. Throughout her …