Here’s looking at you, Peter Max. The Eye of a Generation turned 80 today, and his body of work is looking more expansive than ever. His synesthesia-inducing Pop and Neo-Expressionist compositions have been luring enthralled audiences into his mind-bendingly bright universe since the 1960s. Showing nary a sign of slowing down, he continues to work fervently and is known for meeting fans in gallery settings most weekends.
His linear, prismatic designs are lauded in their largest state, spanning the sides of entire cruise ships and stock racing cars; his original paintings are hounded after on the auction block by moneyed collectors. Though as the visual spokesperson for history’s most quintessential youth movement, Max naturally remains an enterprising man of the people (of we-saw-them-play-live Baby Boomers and sugar-spun Millennials alike.)
It’s the bits of Max that admirers can attain for themselves that are perhaps most cherished worldwide; his scarves, pullovers, throw pillows, coffee mugs, magazine covers, Kiehl’s face cream and plethora of other tchotchkes. His posters have fared particularly well, ranging from cheap ephemera meant for grungy dormitory walls to über-limited edition, matted, signed, dedicated, certified prints.
So indulge your inner flower child and take a gander at an array of Max’s primo poster designs. Promoting environmental causes, education, patriotism, everyman’s cultural icons and plenty of good vibes, they’re pretty far out, man.
Emily Catrice



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