BY NICOLE PARKS / Her Very Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will regale the peoples of television-viewing dominions with an hour-long fairy tale from her own experience this weekend.

A tale complete with flowing ermine, a nerve-wracked stomach jolting along atop gilded carriage axles, a fleet of prancing Windsor Grey ponies, an Abbey of some repute, holy oil, Zadok the Priest, and a crown embedded with a fist-sized ruby. Times two.

She’s a rare sovereign, after all, who witnessed her father’s ascent to the throne before taking up the orb and sceptre herself in 1953.

The Ma’am-in-Chief obligingly sat down with seasoned correspondent Alistair Bruce to talk the two C’s of constitutional monarchy: Coronation and Crown Jewels.

Her interview in The Coronation is a highlight of the BBC’s Royal Collection Season, a channel-spanning selection of programmes digging into the kingdom’s treasure trove of art and artifacts currently stewarded by ER II. The documentary is scheduled to air on BBC One at 8pm on Sunday 14 January in the UK, and can be seen similarly on the Smithsonian Channel across the pond. – Nicole Parks

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