It’s a classic tale of good versus evil, of four-legged fecundity and enviable spots, of great escapes and the struggles of housebreaking. And now 101 Dalamations has received a digitally illustrated update, courtesy of Saint Petersburg, Russia-based artist Varya Kolesnikova.
The action from Dodie Smith’s mid-century novel and Disney’s successive films is re-imagined with a glossy sheen, and often from a dog’s eye view. Rendered entirely with Corel Painter software, old school London aesthetics look welcoming and ritzy, the pups waggly and wet-nosed, and mad, bad Cruella de Vil particularly keen to have her pelts.
Word on the street is these domestic drama-filled, romping images will soon be compiled in book format. Be sure to check back here for more details as they emerge!
Text by Tessa Sinclair
Illustrations by Varya Kolesnikova


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