REPAST is a new, beautifully designed print magazine focused on food history. Every quarter we will publish a new volume filled with a cornucopia of old recipes, enlightening gastronomic essays, and the fascinating and forgotten tales of the people who have grown, cooked, and enjoyed all things edible over the centuries.
Food history is precisely what it sounds like – the history of food. This can be the story of a celebrity chef in ancient Rome or the evolution of the dinner fork or a bowl of borscht recreated from the world’s oldest cookbook. If it involves food and happened sometime in the past, it will be in REPAST.

Most definitely not!
From the saga of the plant explorer who first introduced Americans to the Meyer Lemon to profiles of Georgian winemakers keeping their 8,000 year old traditions alive, the stories in REPAST will keep you hungering for more. We aim to make history come alive and each quarter will bring our readers a tasty compendium of accessible and engaging content that digs deeper into the roots of what we eat everyday.
Delicious food and entertaining history. What could be better?
There’s been a major surge of the number of books and blogs dedicated to culinary history and historical gastronomy in recent years but no popular publication that captures the many delicious ideas of all these food history fanatics. REPAST will change all that as the first ever food history magazine written for a popular audience. Come join us in making delicious history come to life!

We’ve started writing and designing the first issue, which is themed “The Food of the Gods.” As you can see from our sample pages, this theme inspired a myriad of responses from our various contributors.
For Elaine Khosrova, pastry chef turned butter historian, this means a deep dive into the world of ancient Tibetan butter carving;
for Andrew Coletti, educator and ancient feast enthusiast, it’s trying to understand how the food of the ancient Greek gods became a cool whip salad in the American South;
and for noted academic and food scholar Ken Albala, this topic leads him to wonder simply “What Did Jesus Eat?”

We are currently working on getting even more contributors, ideas, and recipes for this first edition, including a piece celebrating the Gospel Bird by soul food scholar Adrian Miller, a profile of Norman monks reviving ancient monastic brewing traditions in France, and a photo essay exploring the sacred roots of Mexican pulque. Our team has already also started brainstorming for REPAST Volume 2: “Roots.”
Although REPAST will start in print, we also hope to start building a robust online presence as the magazine continues to grow.
Emelyn Rude
Emelyn Rude is a chicken historian/food writer/editor of REPAST. You might have read her musing on the Great Sandwich Wars for TIME or about experience drinking the famous brandy of Transnistria for VICE. Outside of perusing yee olde receipt books, she spends time working for restauranteurs and testing recipes for cookbook authors. 

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