A world where most of what exists is invisible, or existing in shadows both physical and not. The only piano ‘Vigil’ to just do one thing, musically speaking – the others transforming and (for me at least) transcending their openings – a soundtrack maybe for the hope that at some point we may evolve/transcend. Perhaps be less tethered to the material world. And then, thinking of what this world, our present, would become when that happens. A post-singularity world. Popular visions of the future are usually shiny and clean versions of the real one, which is stubbornly foggy smokey loamy too dry too wet too hot too cold.
I indulged for stretches of time in an alternative where we harness the power of the invisible forces and wonders of the world – where we cease to rely on the lumbering and frail physical realm. Then this world would become a land of dust and shadows. Of empty rooms and crept glass. The future, although wonderful, is not bright. It is in shadow.
The environment this piece of music was written in is a post-industrial island created by a bend in the river. A mostly empty complex of enormous and over-engineered mills and out buildings- structures that have outlived their original use by a growing number of generations. The only constant, the flow of the river and the white noise of the weir.
For fans of minimalist piano music, Haruki Murakami, Dark Light Theory and science as ghost-hunting.
Richard Birkin

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