“No standing up. No dancing. No smiling – we’re from the North.” opens Richard Hawley, after taking the stage at Hammersmith Apollo on Tuesday night. “Although I wouldn’t mind seeing some jiving down the front.”
There aren’t many more pleasant ways to spend a Tuesday evening. Hawley moves between disarming audience interaction and a steady flow of beautifully crooned odes to love and loss, with complete ease. Interspersing tracks from new album Hollow Meadows with old favourites like ‘Tonight The Streets Are Ours’, it’s a set list that captivates the seated audience. Sometimes it takes being sat down and really focusing on a live act to truly appreciate its quality. Where many wring a solo out of a guitar, Hawley delicately and effortlessly dances across the fretboard. It’s fantastic to watch; musicianship at it’s finest.
It’s a show devoid of any posturing or pretension, of anything unnecessary. Like the music itself, it’s tender. It’s a shared experience. After closing the show with crowd pleaser ‘The Ocean’, he bids us a fond farewell – “Safe journey back. Text me when you’re home, so I don’t have to worry.”
Richard Hawley played:

  1. Which Way
  2. Tonight The Streets Are Ours
  3. Standing At The Sky’s Edge
  4. I Still Want You
  5. Leave Your Body Behind You
  6. Sometimes I Feel
  7. Open Up Your Door
  8. Tuesday PM
  9. Time Will Bring You Winter
  10. Down In The Woods
  11. Don’t Stare At The Sun
  12. Heart Of Oak
  13. There’s A Storm Comin’


  1. Coles Corner
  2. What Love Means
  3. The Ocean

Joe Presley
reposted courtesy of www.joepresley.com

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