Express yourself, capture your essence as only you can, then let the world see you.
The Saatchi Gallery very recently had the pleasure of announcing its partnership with Huawei Mobile for the upcoming exhibition From Selfie to Self-Expression. Opening to the public from 31st March to 30th May 2017 on an entire floor of the Saatchi Gallery, the show will dissect self-expression from historical, technological, bizarre as can be, dangerous, inclusive, interactive and forward-thinking angles. It will be a warts and all celebration of a  profound self-focused cultural phenomenon often sneered at for its superficial uselessness and narcism.
You can become one of the works on display online and on and in-situ video wall and earn a shot at some rather cool prizes by entering the ongoing #SaatchiSelfie competition!

Participants from all around the globe, whether professional photographers or simply enthusiastic, are welcome to participate; to explore their inner worlds and push the expressive potential of self-photography towards new frontiers. Entries must be photographic selfies, though innovation, experimentation imagination are all highly encouraged.
A panel of renowned artists and avant-garde creatives with judge the competition. Ten shortlisted winners will score a brand new Huawei smartphone, and one winner of it all will be rewarded with a priceless photographic experience…to be announced at a later date.
The overall winner will be announced at the launch of From Selfie to Self-Expression at the Saatchi Gallery in London on 30th March 2017.
Submit your favourite selfie, or seek out more information, terms and conditions and a glimpse at others’ submissions as they pile up here.
Best of luck, happy snapping, and be sure to share your entries with friends online using the hashtag #SaatchiSelfie!
Emily Catrice

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