We study patterns in the stars. We contemplate their correlation with human behaviour. But we’re less astrologers than pattern recognition robots. Rather than paint the folks we meet, we wonder what makes them tick and why they are the way they are.
With an abundance of Scorpio in my chart, I appreciate a deeper, more vigorous examination of life on Earth and what happens when we leave it.
When I think of death, Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, springs to mind. On your natal chart (a map of the sky when you were born) a strongly aspected Pluto (and tons of Scorpio) indicates a pull to the darker side of life: power, obsession, addiction, co-dependency, the occult.
Jimi Hendrix had Mars in Scorpio, and Pluto in Leo in the house of Scorpio. His status as a rock star immersed him in a whirlpool of drugs and sex. It was a chance(?) meeting with a tarot reader in Morocco who pulled the death card­­, that convinced Jimi he was on borrowed time. She tried to explain how death was all about transformation and a chance for re-birth, but he convinced himself that he was doomed and so he become wilder and partied harder than ever.
We are not ruled by the stars; they merely indicate a path that is drawn in pencil, and we can either solidify that path or change that which will harm us.
Inspiration is like a wave crashing into our soul. We either surf that wave and produce something incredible, or we allow the wave to wash over us and simply get stoked in the moment.
In my studies, Pisces is the gifted artist, Aquarius is the rebellious innovator, Scorpio represents power and sex appeal, while Leo and Cancer are all about creativity. Leo is usually a very bright star looking to gain attention by creating a “show.” Jimi had Pluto with the North Node in Leo. At one point he drew so much attention to himself he was kicked off Ike and Tina Turner’s tour for “stealing the show” instead of merely providing backup. That’s Leo to the letter.
When his left-handed guitar got stolen before a show, he promptly flipped a right-handed instrument and the show went on. That sort of resilience is indicative of Mars in Scorpio. Nothing stops a true Scorpio or distracts them from their goal.
The Saturn Return
Saturn is the taskmaster of the zodiac. Every seven years “Queen Saturn” moves to a different area of your life. Kids turn seven and begin to have their own opinions, with bigger milestones at 14 and 21. Saturn then returns to the spot it was at when you were born between the age of 29, 30. However it begins to take effect around the age of 27.
Why have so many brilliant, creative stars left this earthly plane at the age of 27? Jimi, Janis, Brian, Kurt, Amy.
Saturn transits hold you to account for your actions. If you have lived a wild life then it is time to begin the big clean up while stepping away from any inherited belief systems.
Carolyne Faulkner
Instagram: @dynamicastrology

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