Finding Banksy art in London , or anywhere, really, is like trying to dig a needle from a haystack. Certainly, everyone knows it’s lurking sarcastically somewhere nearby, but very few people can actually point to it or root it out.
Though Banksy’s been a steadily trending character in today’s street art world (a fact I can only imagine repulses the more acerbic parts of his personality, though his pocketbook might feel differently), the artist definitely propagates the mystery surrounding his pieces and identity.

Banksy’s Chalk Farm Maid, reportedly removed completely in 2008

Banksy’s ‘Slave Labour,’ originally on a shop in Wood Green, exported to Miami before selling at auction for $1.1 million

Regardless of his popularity, no one  quite knows where he will leave his mark next, or what slap-in-the-face message it will convey. While much of his artwork has either been damaged, destroyed or painted over — or even sold at auction for a cool 1.1 million dollars — there are still images that have remained intact in the Greater London area which await your perusal.
The map below displays the exact location of Banksy’s street art in London. Blue pins denote existing pieces, red crosses indicate visible works that are not in their original condition, and red exclamation points are works that have sadly disappeared.

Click here for a larger, interactive, readily-updated map that reveals the specific works in the above locations.
Sadly, most of my favourite Banksy works have been severely damaged or even destroyed, but there’s no doubt  the vigilante artist is hard at work, concocting more brutally honest images to put us in our place.

Banksy’s ‘Fisherboy’ in Camden, covered with white paint since 2010.

If you want to know more about Banksy’s style or modus operandi, make sure to page through Banksy Locations and Tours by Martin Bull, essential reading for any urban street art fan.
Deniz Calgar

Clipstone Street, Fitzrovia: Banksy’s ‘If Graffiti Changed Everything’

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