Forget shock therapy, give me shine therapy. When modern civilisation feels sometimes brash and as if it’s falling to bits, a dash of glitz in an unexpected place can do wonders for a flagging psyche.
Just ask once-upon-a-time dentist, self-described accidental collage and video artist Sara Shakeel. Admittedly, no clever amount of visual juxaposition can cure the root cause of what ails global society, but Shakeel states that, “Each picture heals a part of me, and I hope it heals a part of you, too.”
Many of her images are at once mundane and magically glitter-flecked, suggesting that even the blandest, bleakest aspects of our daily grinds can be brightened up with an open mind and experimentation. A bony chest x-ray adrift in nebulous clusters of starlight, family heirloom encrusted toilet paper, nostrils leaking diamond rivers of snot and tears. Pretty pictures indeed; sometimes pretty uncomfortably cathartic.
May your inner magpie be soothed as you check out some of her twinkliest compositions below, and carve out a slice of time to pore over her entire body of work spread across Facebook, Twitter, miPic and Instagram.
Daniella Cleary


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