Why don’t we celebrate those slightly stilted spans of the year more often, when seasons slyly begin seeping into one another and moods shift almost imperceptibly? There’s really no need to be firmly in the summertime camp of see-through sarongs and plunging tan lines — nor strictly #TeamFall, nursing a pumpkin spice fetish in flannel and fair isle knit swaddling clothes.
There’s some perfectly magical, halfway-to-October atmosphere swirling around out there, heavy with the hangings on of boiling hot afternoons and coolly electrified by stiff breezes signaling crisper hours to come. The juicy herbage of months past lingers on as crunchy crimsons and golds seep into familiar skylines. Who needs solstices and equinoxes when the bits in between can pull at us so poetically?
Photographer and fashion stylist Elena Iv-skaya has managed to capture all the sizzling, off-kilter, expectant glory of this annual interval we find ourselves at the moment. With the help of model slash make-up artist Cassandre Lauret, Iv-skaya’s splashy, sultry-chic Dreamer Pool series materialised; a gorgeous patchwork of tropical, crystalline and moodily ripening elements.
Fun in the sun meets Vogue‘s September issue. Plasticized pool toys mesh with plush felt and bonfire hues of scarlet, charcoal and apricot. Enjoy the rich spread of images below, and get happy for the here and now. This time between times when swimwear still feels madly glamorous and almost practical while we welcome the cosy onslaught of another mutable autumn.
Daniella Cleary


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