BY MITCHELL COOPER / It’s been deemed both a stellar art project and a heap of polluting space junk, but like it or lump it, the Humanity Star is up there orbiting our home planet.

The misshapen ball of metal speeding through the stratosphere is an extremely reflective satellite, envisioned and engineered by Peter Beck, the founder and CEO of Rocket Lab, to bring the entirety of the human race together under one shiny, humbling banner.

Over the course of its cyclical voyage, the Humanity Star, a carbon-fibre, paneled globe, becomes visible from any and every location on earth, no matter one’s access to telescopes or high-tech observatories. Slinging back light from the sun, the satellite’s meant to be seen with the naked eye, and forges a direct connection from our meek, communal point in space with the awe-inspiring cosmos.

To track the Humanity Star and see when it’s scheduled to pass by wherever you call home, and to find answers to some frequently asked questions about the unifying aims of the extraterrestrial project, click here. – Mitchell Cooper