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What is Open Data?

Georgie is worried about what is happening to our personal information on the internet, Dallas thinks he’s spending too much time on social networking sites.  Sound familiar?  If so, take a look at this episode of The Silicone Roundabout a film by Gordon Beswick and Cedar Lewisohn.


Breaking Cover – Arabic Street Art in London

As part of the Shubbak festival three artists from Dubai – Riyadh-based Shaweesh, Talal Al Zeid and Fathima Mohiuddin were invited to make work in public spaces around London.  They visited and respond to a number of sites across the capital, creating fleeting and temporary interventions. Cedar Lewisohn [youtube width=”630″ height=”340″ video_id=”j6XFfrZL1Q8″]


Pies in the Sky

Cedar Lewisohn’s recent work trip/holiday to Sydney was filled with new taste experiences. From curry pies to wallaby tails, he definitely got to the bottom of the local cuisine, washing it all down with Tasmanian whisky and wine, and wine-ot? After a hellish 23-hour flight from Heathrow, the first thing that welcomed me to Australia …


Black Honey

I was recently invited to participate in a two-week rural B.residency in Wellingore, near Grantham. I had planned to make a series of drawings and some wood carvings. In the end, the written word seemed the most appropriate form to capture what I saw during my time in the British countryside. Below is an account …


Cooking for Artists by Mina Stone

Cedar Lewisohn speaks to Brooklyn based chef Mina Stone about food styles, her new book, Cooking for Artists, and dinner parties with Debbie Harry. Cedar Lewisohn: Tell me about yourself, you are a chef right? Mina Stone: I am a chef. I didn’t study cooking; I went to art school for fashion. I’d always really …

Art Food

Homage to Fromage

Cedar Lewisohn continues his journey into the art and food crossover in Bermondsey, and finds that, when it comes to cheese, its a feta-accompli. It’s 8am on a drizzly Tuesday in London. I’m at Bermondsey tube station. No, I’m not here to write a report on the latest South London commuter trends, I’m here for the love …

Juice Cafe

Consuming Passion

On a recent trip to São Paulo Cedar Lewisohn takes time out to visit South America’s star chef Alex Atala, taking in some groovy juice bars along the way. The first thing I did a er arriving in São Paulo was hit the nearest juice bar, just off one of the main roads in the …


The Art of Food

Cedar Lewisohn meets his culinary hero – star Catalonian chef Ferran Adrià, and finds that food transcends all language barriers. I was lying in bed, paying my rent … when a message popped into my inbox. The interview is on. Today, 2 o’clock. If anything could get me out of bed, it was this; a …


I Know What You Did This Summer…

The Canals Project is made up of the work of four international artists, commissioned to paint large scale walls in Hackney Wick. We asked the Canals Project curator Cedar Lewisohn to keep a diary of its progress as it unfolded. From missing Banksys to a tour of the sewers, this journal offers a unique insight …


Canal Knowledge

Decades of unauthorized creative activity alongside London’s waterways have created an ever-changing, al fresco ‘art gallery’ which is now as ineluctable a part of the city’s canals as the narrowboats which putter along them. This summer, The Canals Project, curated by Cedar Lewisohn, aims to shine a spotlight on this area with a series of new works …