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A Manifesto for the Millennia

BY EMILY CATRICE / If there’s one person I think deserves a proper apotheosis, it’s Mary Beard. Though, fortunately, it’s much too early to be talking deification. She’ll be writing, researching and thinking critically among us for a long time to come. In this digital era when power divides are becoming clearer and long-unheard voices …


ABBA and Other Thoughts

There was a dark and stormy time in graduate school when I swayed on the edge of an absolutely cavernous void of remotely articulate ideas for my thesis topic. Both detracting and adding to my existential dread was a fact I state with little pride — I had become obscenely, inexplicably obsessed with the music video …


Cooking Class

Knowing one’s way around the kitchen is one of the better life skills to acquire; eating is, after all, a pretty nice thing to do from time to time. Yet when perpetually busying oneself in the kitchen, whisking roux and basting roasts, is expected of one— not based on a personal choice to pursue the vagaries of …