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Black Realism in Film

BY SEAN STEADMAN / Italian Neo-Realism paved the way for what would later be termed ‘realist’ directorial approaches to making films. Leaders of the movement, such as Vitorrio di Sica, Luchino Visconti and Roberto Rossellini carved out the traits of realist depictions with films such as Bicycle Theives (1948), La Terra Trema (1948) and Rome, Open City (1945). Visual …



When Naomi Kutin, a nine-year-old modern Orthodox Jewish girl living in New Jersey, sets a powerlifting world record,  “Supergirl” is born. The forthcoming documentary SUPERGIRL follows Naomi’s coming of age journey into her early teens, as she fights to hold on to her title. Along with the universal struggles of adolescence, Naomi is faced with strict religious …