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Talking with Ernesto Neto: Um dia todos fomos peixes

BY DIANE DINUZZO  / Understanding and connecting with a piece of art that is not necessarily a figurative object might be difficult sometimes for those who are not part of the art world. The cold structure of an installation quite often can leave the common viewer with distant, skeptical feelings about a work. Fortunately, that is …


The Colourful, Consuming Art of Katharina Grosse

Katharina Grosse’s art is huge, colourful, consuming, and just entrancing.  The German-born artist who deals primarily with bright, sprayed-on acrylics creates large-scale, often room sized, landscape-esque environments of colour. Grosse’s focus is the overwhelming dynamic between being so small in such a big world, and how we can choose to just be part of it or to observe it. …

Black and White Photograph
Art Music

Portrait of the Artist

In the second series of interviews for Art & Music, Will Stokes paints his own portrait of the life and work of 22-year-old, Hong Kong-born composer Joanne Sy who is currently gliding onto London’s contemporary classical scene. Joanne Sy is no stranger to uniting the visual with the aural, having had compositions performed at both the …