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Ty Segall – Electric Ballroom

BY LIZ REVER  / I arrive at the Electric Ballroom to see Ty Segall on a cold dark night, edging out of a dangerous bout of pneumonia. The last time I saw him play in London I was sick with flu. This is either a case of lousy timing, healthwise, or perfect timing; because these …


The Rockin’ Dad’s Guide to Ty Segall

BY GREGG LOPEZ / Manipulator (Drag City). I’m not sure if Manipulator is the eighth, ninth or 13th album in six years by psychedelic wunderkind Ty Segall. Numbers get fuzzy at my age, especially when you also take into consideration the myriad cassette, vinyl and compact disc collaborations the 27 year-old California native has released …

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TY-Zine Volume 1 Time Space Surfer

Billed as an acoustic gig, Ty Segall’s one-off show at the Scala in King’s Cross soon turned into a rollercoaster ride in the spirit of an earnest psychedelia experiment. The structured, well-crafted songs from his latest album, Sleeper, were soaked in psych-fuzz, reverb, vocal harmonies, handclaps and underscored by elemental punk drumbeats. The album was played …