Tatler magazine has commissioned the acclaimed photographer David Burton to create an exquisite portfolio of photographs of the most exciting, interesting and beautiful young women in Britain right now. Even better, there will be a multi-media exhibition of these glorious images held in association with Michael Kors at the Saatchi Gallery from 30 June to 02 July.
Tatler‘s 26 English Roses include musicians, actresses, dancers, equestriennes, poets, artists and Lady Kitty Spencer, Lady Tatiana Mountbatten, Lady Eliza Manners and Lady Lola Crichton-Stuart. The girls were photographed in and around Lady Pamela Hicks’s home, the Grove, on a gorgeous spring day, creating a timeless and yet modern series of images that will cement them as the faces of their generation. 

Lady Pamela Hick’s home, The Grove

Ten of the women, including cover star Lady Lola Crichton-Stuart, were captured in Fall 2017 Michael Kors Collection. 
“I’ve always been inspired by people who are curious, who are thinking about what’s next and what’s new,” said Michael Kors. “These women represent the balance of youth and sophistication, polish and ease, knowledge and curiosity, that’s necessary for life today.” 

Lady Lola Crichton-Stuart photographed by David Burton

Tatler is the oldest magazine in the world, long dedicated to chronicling the shameless shenanigans of the most fabulous members of British high society. But more than anything else the magazine understands the special alchemy that creates an It-girl – that rare combination of beauty, charisma and timeliness.
The English Roses exhibition will bring Tatler magazine to thrilling life, with portraits, behind the scenes video and even an interactive disco booth. You’ll come for the photography, but you’ll stay for the party. 


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