Katharina Grosse’s art is huge, colourful, consuming, and just entrancing.  The German-born artist who deals primarily with bright, sprayed-on acrylics creates large-scale, often room sized, landscape-esque environments of colour. Grosse’s focus is the overwhelming dynamic between being so small in such a big world, and how we can choose to just be part of it or to observe it.
The unification of landscape’s fluidity and the strict structural qualities of painting, Grosse deals with both architecture and nature in one fell swoop. The expressive juxtapositions in her compositions create a dreamy, dystopian environment.

Her work has gained momentum in the artistic sphere through her clever combination of complex narratives, psychedelia and provocative titles. The immediacy of her work, the ‘in your face’-ness of it all, forces the viewer to confront the process behind an artwork. What was her thought process? Why did she choose these colours? What does it mean?

These are the questions great artists have been attempting to stimulate within audiences, for them to look inside themselves for the answer rather than outwardly demanding it, for centuries.

To see more of Katharina’s artwork head over to her website.

Cara van Rhyn

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