These are strange, unsettling and alienating times, but music is one thing we can cling to for succour and transportation. I have always thought of music (especially certain kinds of impressionistic or meditative instrumental music) as offering a kind of  ‘emotional location’, a place to visit, become immersed in, to connect and commune with and to be inspired by.  This current crisis won’t last forever, and music can speak to this promise of continuum, just as it can be a resonant accompaniment to and expression of the atmosphere and feelings we are experiencing right now. 

These were some of the ideas behind the compilation of this two-hour playlist of music made by humans, alone and in groups, mostly using simple instruments (I have largely avoided overtly electronic music for some reason – perhaps a reaction to almost all human communication currently taking place using digital machines…), united by nothing other than a clear expression of what it is to be alive.