The Girl in Red is the debut film by Aaron Dunleavey which he made while on foundation at Blackburn College. I taught him there and broke my own rules about “crossing the streams” and allowed him to use one of my own band’s songs – tompaulin’s This Desire, I even recorded new guitar parts for the score. The Girl in Red is a bittersweet tale of a geeky school boy who meets, and becomes besotted with a girl who smokes, swears and sits by the sea. It’s a superb first effort that references the history of film, literature and art with an originality that exceeds foundation level.
The darkness below the surface of everyday teenage life is explored in more depth in Dunleavey’s following work – Throw me to the dogs. I didn’t score that one and it has gone on to win award after award. There will be more on that in tomorrow’s post.
Jamie Holman

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