Visionary British celebrity fashion designer Zaeem Jamal presents the elegance and mysticism of the Camelot era in this unique, eponymously named collection for Autumn Winter 2014
The legends of King Arthur continue to inspire culture today through artistic interpretations in paintings and literature, featuring tales that include the quest for the holy grail. Within the world of couture, this quest leads us from the Saatchi Gallery along the Kings Road to the realm of Zaeem Jamal where we find the ultimate fashion grail – stunning ensembles that combine rich artistry and impeccable craftsmanship with inspired heritage and deeper philosophies.
The story of the brand begins with a young man dedicated to delving into the past, to discover the timeless concerns of humanity, the key to its glory, and bringing this forward into a contemporary setting, to reweave an ancient magic – a design alchemy in motion. Be it through the inspiration of the Egyptians, with their exquisite knowledge of form and dimension, or Golden ratio, so eloquently applied in his ‘Egyptian’ collection, or in the romance, courage and passion of his ‘Camelot’ collection – Zaeem seeks to awaken the highest and best in our ancestral memory through shapes, colours, contours and symbols, interwoven with feeling and sensuality.
Zaeem explains the desire for his silks to ‘feel as soft as air, and the garments to flow like a gentle breeze, to enhance and embue the wearer’s aura with a soft radiant feeling of sensuality and warmth.’
Told through the changing colours of the land, the elements and the seasons, as well as the female protagonists of the Arthurian legends, the story unfolds this Autumn Winter. A wistful romanticism divided into four stories – Air, Earth, Water and Fire – combined with vintage Arthurian aesthetics form the core of the Camelot collection.
Silhouettes entwine grace and seduction with wilful passion and strength, skillfully woven through full bias cuts, hand drapes & Celtic inspired motifs. Ornate embellishments are juxtaposed on luxurious silk fabrics, reminiscent of the timeless sumptuousness and enduring magic of Arthur’s era.
The ‘pied piper’ of fashion Zaeem Jamal, invokes the heroes and heroines of the Camelot legends, calling them through the mists of time, to empower & adorn today’s women of substance – women who are themselves, tomorrow’s legends. Morgana Le Faye, Nimue – the Lady of the Lake, Queen Guinevere, and Elaine step forward in his trademark opulent sophistication in sensational feminine hues.
Zaeem Jamal
309 Kings Road, Chelsea. SW3
Tel: 0207 100 2072

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