… or, A Dollar a Sketch
I’ve recently graduated and the big wide world is just waiting for me to go out and take over… so what better way to spend all my time than to spend it drawing. I finished the 100 Days of Art challenge just a little while ago… and I loved it.
So why not continue to deepen that love than to draw for as many people as I possibly can. To expand not only my experience and contact with art, but also my art to all sorts of other people.
And who doesn’t want a mystery piece of art sent to them straight from Australia for only a dollar?
It’s only a little piece of art, but, it’s also a little piece of me. I hope you enjoy. I really don’t know if this will actually succeed, it’s only a little project of mine. Though I’m not sure it’ll even go anywhere, I’m full of giddiness to seek out little corners of the globe that creativity has the power to connect. Naturally, dreaming, and sketching, and even getting postage in order is all a part of the enigmatic fun.
Join me on Kickstarter, Instagram or my web page  ; I look forward to handcrafting an intriguing bargain, in ink sketch form, to send your way.
Alice Jao

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