The Truants will be Aaron Dunleavy’s final project for his university course, and will follow on with similar themes and filmmaking styles from his award winning short film Throw Me to the Dogs – including two of its previous cast members returning to play the lead roles. Not only will the film showcase original talent but will offer an amazing opportunity to the kids who are involved.
The Truants, will follow the story of two young teenage boys, who jump the school wall and set out on a dangerous adventure across the industrial outskirts of the town. Dunleavy’s film style incorporates improv, using non-professional actors and turning Blackburn’s streets into a worthy, readymade set.
You can find out more about the plans for The Truants from its two leading men on this clip, and if you want to support the film check out the crowdfunding page below, the entire cast and crew will be working for free so the fund is for production only.
Jamie Holman

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