“You can be as talented as anybody out there, but a lot of the art industry hinges on reputation.”
There is a new art movement gathering great momentum in London. At its core lies the ethos of unity and accessibility. The archaic rules of the art world are being dismantled and re-structured by the rise of appreciation for artists who are both technically talented and imaginatively gifted.
This recognition could not be exemplified more than by a new type of gallery, The Unit London, which promotes undeniable talent rather than reputation alone. Recently founded by two like- minded individuals, Jonny and Joe, The Unit London is a progressive gallery which supports both up-coming and established artists. Its inclusive nature welcomes all artists whose work deserves to be seen. As artists themselves, they know how tough it can be to get into galleries. Joe reveals that, “You can be as talented as anybody out there, but a lot of the art industry hinges on reputation.”
Now they are on the other side of the fence, organising, promoting and selling the artists they bring on board. They have put aside their egos to truly appreciate ability of others, Jonny explains that “Even if we are not making new art of our own, we are releasing our creativity into these new campaigns which are artistic.” For their latest exhibition “The 7 Deadly Sins” opening 10 April – 10 May in Covent Garden, each artist has been ascribed a sin to freely work with and they have made videos to accompany every sin furthering expanding the audience and experience of great art. There is a painstaking amount of detail and energy in everything Joe and Jonny do whose shared creative vision has enabled them to achieve an extraordinary amount of success in a relatively short time. As curators they weave a story for their exhibitions, threading a theatrical narrative that involves and engages viewers. As promoters, their relationship with artists extends beyond business to build friendships and encourage artists to create openly.
Opening a contemporary gallery in central London is an exciting venture not only for The Unit London, but for all those in the area looking to enjoy art. From the out-set Joe recognised the benefits of “re-creating a movement in the west-end.” With many artists and galleries now firmly based in the East London, there is a strong desire to re-invigorate the creativity and individuality of the west-end with a contemporary art presence. By making quality art more accessible and inclusive, The Unit London are innovatively rebelling against the traditional exclusivity of galleries and opening the doors for all to indulge in. We all want to feel included in and a part of the art of our generation, and The Unit London are setting a new scene for people to share their common culture and love for incredible art.
Alexis Jourrou
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