Just imagine, you’re out at the weekend, doing a spot of Christmas shopping in town and you happen across a brand new book.  There it is just sitting on the bus on the seat next to you, or left on the table in a cafe…
This is what’s been happening in cities and towns across the world to celebrate the launch of The Ward Porter, a new novella by Billy Childish.  In total 3,000 free books will be distributed ahead of the official launch on 13 December.
Chances are they’ll be kicked about, put in the rubbish bin, mistaken for trash or believed that they’ve been dropped by somebody or left behind but there’s also that nice little hope that a few will be picked up and taken home, even passed on to a friend.  The idea that they’ll not be snapped up and treasured is upsetting for us book loving folks so we’re letting you in on a secret, this Saturday 12 December, from 12 noon until 2pm, 100 copies will be handed out by a man outside Charing Cross Station wearing Wellington boots and carrying a William Morris umbrella.  To ensure you receive a copy from this fellow, you must quote the closing lines of the book:
“Life has it’s own meanings which we must discern for ourselves”
Do it; be a part of literary, and art history.
While this furtive event takes place, additional books will be dropped off at other locations, they will be left in a number of book shops running along Charing Cross rd including Foyles.
Gemma de Cruz

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