After studying foundation art at Blackburn College, Aaron Dunleavy moved to London to pursue filmmaking at University of the Arts and in doing so says “moving away made me realise just how interesting my hometown actually was”.  He returned to Blackburn in 2015 to make Throw Me to the Dogs a short film inspired by his childhood that was street cast, almost entirely improvised and made on a shoestring budget. The film is stark in its look and feel as it follows the harsh isolation and peer pressures of a teenage boy called Dylan, yet is handled with subtle humour and sensitivity. Speaking about the phenomenal feedback the film has received Dunleavy says: “the response was overwhelming, and so far it has won 5 awards, with praise from Academy Award winning director Danny Boyle and The Guardian film critic Peter Bradshaw, as well as being selected and screened at some of the most prestigious BAFTA and Oscar® qualifying festivals in the world”.
Jamie Holman

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