BY TORRANCE WHELKS / Go on and add one hundred more items to the list of things I don’t wish to lick. But goodness knows I was tempted for a second there. Just as beauty can be deceiving, knowledge equals power to curb your appetites and habits, as demonstrated by these ice lollies made of tangy-looking Taiwanese wastewater.

What looks like some Madagascan vanilla, biodynamic champagne and baby fern confection on-a-stick purchased from the hipster pedaling a freezercycle down the sidewalks of Hackney is in fact a Polluted Water Popsicle, part of a chilling series by students at the National Taiwan University of the Arts.

Hung I-chen, Guo Yi-hui and Cheng Yu-ti decided to call attention to their country’s mucked up waterways by collecting one hundred samples of spoiled H2O from the most putrid standing pools, drainage systems, streams and reservoirs across Taiwan. The swampy rubbish juice was frozen in moulds and set in polyester resin for preservation, resulting in faux Magnum bars sure to spread hoof and mouth disease if ever unleashed upon the human palette.

The project might put you off your pudding for an evening or two, yet that probably means it’s serving its larger environmental purpose. You need only imagine sucking on a jagged, sewage-caked bottle cap to start properly sorting out your recycling and making sure your refuse only gets tossed where it belongs. – Torrance Whelks

Photographs by Hung I-chen

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